Monday, March 26, 2012

6 Months Later

Everything is going well.  My cancer breast has really shrunk in size after all these months between the surgeries and the radiation.  I call it "Mini-Me."  It's better than crying, right?  I tend to cover my chest with sweaters or jackets so no one call really tell.

In January, I decided to bite the bullet, and make life all about me instead of pleasing everyone else. I went on Weight Watchers, and have done very well. I try to stick to organic foods, and have concentrated more on fruits and vegetables, although I do have to have one sweet per day. I also give myself weekly manicures and exercise more than I used to. So often, we live to make everyone else happy, but exclude ourselves in the process...not anymore. I count too!

In two weeks, I go back to the oncologist for my 6 month checkup. Only 20 more months of Tamoxifen and that part of my life is over.  I don't think about the cancer as much anymore, unless someone mentions someone who was recently diagnosed or died from it.

I am hoping by living a cleaner and healthier lifestyle that I keep the beast away. In the meantime, it feels great to be good to me!!!