Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oncology Visit - One Year Later

The mammogram was purposefully scheduled a few days before my oncology visit in case there was any discussion to be had over the results. Luckily, all was good. A breast check, review of my latest labs, and a discussion about general health resulted in another year's prescription for Tamoxifen and another appointment in six months. I am grateful that I am one of the lucky ones who doesn't have issues with Tamoxifen and can enjoy its benefits!

First Mammogram After Diagnosis

On October 7, I had my first mammogram since my diagnosis 13 months before. Talk about nervous! I could not wait until it was over. At this point, my radiated skin issues had dissipated and I wasn't having weird pains in the affected breast anymore. I was feeling pretty optimistic.

I get to the Breast Center early hoping to get it over with asap, but one of the techs was late, and all appointments were delayed an hour. I did get a very competent tech who did not mind when I questioned everything I saw on the digital x-ray. She even showed me the x-ray of the actual tumor that was removed during the surgery last year. They use x-ray to determine if they got enough of the tumor out or have to remove more tissues.

After the first go-round, I was called back for more views of the "good" breast. I told the tech that if this was cancer, both breasts were going bye-bye. No more playing with lumpectomies. I don't think my nerves could take it.

While waiting, I went back to the waiting room, and got into a discussion with some of the lovely ladies about breast cancer and recurrence. Finally, the tech called me back and told me everything was fine! I let out a whoop and started to leave...as I was walking out the door in my x-ray gown, the ladies asked me if I wanted to get dressed before I left. It was a good giggle for everyone. Imagine being so excited you forget to put your clothes on!

The good news is that I don't have to return for another year. Things are definitely looking up!