Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Back to Being Me...

This year has been one of tremendous personal growth. I know now what is most important. I gave up my Internet business, because I realized I was spending every waking moment working, and more so in a dark crowded environment, that was just depressing. Did some soul searching, and realized I missed some of the hobbies I used to do in the past, so I started needlepointing again with the intent of creating something for the house. Aside from the joy of creating, it is very relaxing.

Not a big fan of taking photos of myself, I recently bit the bullet and David, Rachel, and I took advantage of getting portraits taken with our dogs at the local PETCO. Our only regret was that Carol lives out of town and we could not have all of us in that picture. When we went to pickup the finished photos, I was thrilled! We were all glowing. The dogs were freshly groomed that day and looked beautiful. I ran out, bought frames, and David hung them on the wall last night, so uncharacteristic of my former self. I now want to see life and joy all around me. This morning, when I saw the pictures in our family room, I had a big smile on my face.

These times are very good times, far better in many ways, then the pre-cancer days when I did not know myself as well, and did not appreciate the goodness in my life.
I really believe that the breast cancer was G-d's way of hitting me on the head to say, "Wake up and enjoy all that is around you. You are blessed. Appreciate all that you have. Take better care of yourself. You are loved."