Friday, March 6, 2009

Fast Forward...

The months have flown by. Since radiation finished, I've been dealing with a residual skin problem as a result of the radiation. I was hoping it would disappear, but it has spread. The dermatologist took a biopsy last week and told me not to's not cancer, more likely something that can be easily treated. The first two medications he gave me didn't work, but last week he added a third and I'm noticing that there is less inflammation and no new spots. I'm crossing my fingers.

This past Monday night, I went to a meeting of SOS, a volunteer group of survivors, who meet with new survivors to talk about different issues such as fears, recurrence, relationships, etc. It was very uplifting, as I have been a little down in the past month from the skin issue and recurring fears. One of the messages of the meeting was to recognize that I am the top priority now and to take care of myself first before others. Of course, it's not realistic, but it's a message that I've heard a zillion times, but this time it stuck a little better. The other message I took home was to reach out for more help if you need it. It was calming to talk to others who have been through it and are surviving with the same feelings and emotions.

So...I decided to call Hopewell Cancer Center...they provide support services and have a breast cancer support group that meets twice a month. I'm looking forward to learning about their services next week. There is a sense of relief that I'm doing something to move forward. I never dreamed this would be so mentally debilitating. It doesn't make sense since the cancer is gone, but at the meeting the women said it can take a long time - 1 to 2 years until you really move forward with your life.